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Roxbury Neighborhood, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Crime Index

Roxbury Crime Index

Roxbury neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts recorded an estimated 1,271 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents in 2019, the estimated number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents in the city of Boston as a whole is 622.

Roxbury's overall crime rate at 4,796 per 100,000 residents, is 93 percent higher than the national average. Citizens of the neighborhood have a 1 in 21 chance of becoming a victim of a crime.

Boston Municipal Court - Roxbury Division

The Boston Municipal Court - Roxbury Division is a trial court with limited original jurisdiction over most criminal matters originating in Roxbury. Its jurisdiction extends to misdemeanors, violations of town and city by-laws and ordinances, as well as felonies with a sentence of no more than 5 years of imprisonment. Massachusetts law authorizes the Court to conduct preliminary hearings for every crime, including those outside its jurisdiction.

The Boston Municipal Court - Roxbury Division also shares jurisdiction with the Suffolk Probate and Family Court over certain paternity and support cases. By law, the Boston Municipal Court cannot sentence a person to state prison. However, it may impose a maximum sentence of two and a half years in the house of corrections. The Boston Municipal Court also provides the following services:

As a result of the health restrictions arising from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Boston Municipal Court - Roxbury Division conducts most of its business remotely. Parties may take part in the court proceedings by email, telephone, or videoconference. The Court also provides a public access telephone line where members of the public may listen to the Court’s events in real-time. Regardless, the courthouse remains open to people who

  • Have been directed to meet with a probation officer or staff person
  • Are required to appear in person at court proceedings
  • Need to conduct in-person business with a clerk's, recorder's or register's office
  • Intend to carry out business at other offices that are located in the courthouse and are open to the public

Interested parties may contact the Court at:

Roxbury Division, Boston Municipal Court

85 Warren Street,

Roxbury, MA 02119

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Court Clerk: (617) 427-7000, fax: (617) 541-0286
Email: bmcroxbury@jud.state.ma.us

Probation Department: (617) 427-7000, fax: (617) 442-2786

In 2020, the Boston Municipal Court - Roxbury Division adjudicated 3,676 criminal cases, 4,110 criminal show cause hearings, and heard 2 appeals.

Eastern Housing Court

The Eastern Housing Court exercises jurisdiction over all matters relating to residential housing within Roxbury. It handles consumer protection actions, eviction matters, and other cases related to the safety, health, or welfare of the owners or residents of residential housing in Roxbury.

The Eastern Housing Court's jurisdiction also extends to criminal matters involving the enforcement of local regulations or sanitary, building, and fire prevention codes. However, Massachusetts law limits the jurisdiction of the Eastern Housing Court to cases that are related to non-commercial property. Regardless, landlords, tenants, and homeowners may obtain injunctions and restraining orders from the Court.

Individuals who got tickets from the fire marshal’s office or other local and state code enforcement agencies may also appeal to the Court. The Eastern Housing Court conducts most of its proceedings remotely by phone, email, or videoconference.

Interested parties may use the Court's virtual front counter to obtain assistance from the Clerk's Office or its eFiling platform to file documents. The Eastern Housing Specialist Department also furnishes a front counter.

Eastern Housing Court,

24 New Chardon Street,

Boston, MA 02114

Telephone: Clerk's Office (617) 788-8485, Housing Specialist Department (617) 788-6233

Email: EasternHousingCourt@jud.state.ma.us

In 2020, the Eastern Housing Court received over 300 criminal case entries and completed 328 cases.

Massachusetts Land Court

The Massachusetts Land Court is a specialized court that deals with the registration of title to real property in Roxbury. It adjudicates all matters and disputes related to such title following the registration and handles the foreclosure and redemption of real estate tax liens. The Massachusetts Land Court does not carry out jury trials and principally sits in Boston.

By using the Land Court's Recorder’s Office virtual front counter, interested parties have access to the Court's remote options and services. The virtual counter is available only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Interested parties may visit the court at

Land Court,

3 Pemberton Square,

Boston, MA 02108

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

In 2020, the Massachusetts Land Court presided over 7,325 new case entries and adjudicated a total number of 26,037 cases including those carried over from 2019 and those that were reopened.

Suffolk County Superior Court

The Suffolk Superior Court is a trial court with original jurisdiction over all crimes that are outside the jurisdiction of the Boston Municipal Court, including felonies that are punishable by a sentence of 5 years incarceration and above. The Court has the sole authority to handle first-degree murder trials at the first instance.

The Suffolk Superior Court shares jurisdiction with the Boston Municipal Court on felonies with a possible penalty that is below a state prison sentence. Defendants that are dissatisfied with the decisions of the lower court such as the bail status or a ruling on a motion may also appeal to the Superior Court.

To guarantee the safety of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic, access to the Suffolk Superior Court is restricted to court staff and specific court users. It conducts most of its hearings virtually, except for the following criminal cases

  • Guilty pleas
  • Evidentiary proceedings on motions
  • Arraignments if the defendant is not in custody
  • Evidentiary proceedings on contested probation violations
  • Bench trials
  • Dangerousness hearings, if either party notifies the court before the proceeding that such party plans to call one or more witnesses

Interested parties may use the Court's ePay System to make court payments online and may contact the Court at

Suffolk County Courthouse,

3 Pemberton Square,

Boston, MA 02108

Email Address for Criminal Clerk’s Office (for Criminal Business): Suffolkcriminal.clerksoffice@jud.state.ma.us

Email Address for Civil Clerk’s Office (for Civil Business): Suffolkcivil.clerksoffice@jud.state.ma.us

The Suffolk Superior Court in 2020 adjudicated a total of 4,668 case entries. 1,322 of these case entries were criminal matters.

Suffolk Juvenile Court - Boston

The Boston Juvenile Court is the court department with jurisdiction over several types of matters that are related to the care and treatment of juveniles in Roxbury. This includes the following kinds of cases:

  • Termination of parental rights proceedings
  • Adult participating in the delinquency of a minor
  • Care and protection
  • Adoption
  • Youthful offender
  • Children requiring assistance
  • Guardianship
  • Delinquency

Interested parties may contact the Court for information on how to access the Court's virtual options and services at

Boston Juvenile Court,

Edward W. Brooke Courthouse

24 New Chardon Street,

P.O. Box 9663, Boston, MA 02114

Phone: Clerk’s Office (617) 788-8525, Probation Department (617) 788-8571

Fax: Clerk’s Office (617) 788-8991, Probation Department (617) 788-8972

Email: suffolk-jccallctr@jud.state.ma.us

In 2020, the Suffolk County Juvenile Court received 3,061 cases, including 1,162 applications for complaint, 29 youthful offender cases, 4 adult criminal matters, and 620 delinquency matters.

Suffolk Probate and Family Court

The Suffolk Probate and Family Court handles Roxbury family-related trials like paternity establishment, divorce, elderly abuse protection, adoption, child support, family abuse protection, disabled person's abuse protection, and custody. It equally has exclusive jurisdiction over Roxbury probate cases such as conservatorships, guardianships, wills, and trusts.

In keeping with safety health protocols, the Suffolk Probate and Family Court provides a virtual registry for court users. Similarly, the Court's electronic filing platform gives attorneys and self-represented litigants the option to file the following court documents online

  • Voluntary Administration Statement
  • Joint Petition for Divorce 1A
  • Petition for Guardianship of Incapacitated Person
  • Petition for Late and Limited Formal
  • Complaint for Divorce 1B
  • Petition for Informal Probate
  • Petition for Formal Probate

Interested parties may contact the court at:

Suffolk Probate and Family Court,

24 New Chardon Street,

Boston, MA 02114

Phone: Register's Office (617) 788-8301, Probation Department (617) 788-8210

Fax: Register's Office (617) 788-8962, Probation Department (617) 788-8957

Email: Suffolkquestions@jud.state.ma.us

The Court presided over 11,576 cases in 2020, including 4,075 probate, equity, and change of name cases and 7,501 domestic relations and child welfare matters.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

The Supreme Judicial Court is the State's court of last resort and oversees the administration of all the courts in Massachusetts. It generally comprises seven Justices, six Associate Justices, and one Chief Justice. The Supreme Judicial Court hears only appeals after a lower trial court has decided on it. It may also give advisory opinions if the governor or state legislature requests. Interested parties may contact the Supreme Judicial Court at

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court,

John Adams Courthouse,

1 Pemberton Square,

Boston, MA 02108

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: (617) 557-1000

In 2018, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court received 102 direct case entries.

Massachusetts Appeals Court

The Appeals Court is Massachusetts's intermediate appellate court of general jurisdiction. It has the jurisdiction to review the judgments of the trial courts in both civil and criminal cases, as well as those of the Appellate Tax Board, the Industrial Accident Board, and the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board. The Appeals Court also exercises original jurisdiction over the review or enforcement of the final orders of the Labor Relations Commission.

As a result of the COVID-19 constraints, the Massachusetts Appeals Court conducts most of its proceedings virtually, via emails, telephone, and videoconferencing. Interested parties may contact the Court at

Appeals Court

John Adams Courthouse,

1 Pemberton Square, Room 1200,

Boston, MA 02108

Judges' Lobby: (617) 725-8085

Clerk's Office: (617) 921-4443

Oral Argument Postponement or Cancellation Updates Line: (617) 725-8114

Human Resources Department: (617) 723-1533

The Massachusetts Appeals Court received 736 criminal appeals in 2020, comprising 388 appeals from the Superior Court, 30 from the Juvenile Court, and 303 from the various District Courts.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology is an urban private college of industrial and engineering technologies in Roxbury Neighborhood, Boston. According to the school's 2020 Annual Security Report, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology had no reported incident of crime on campus in 2019. Interested parties may contact the school at

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology,

41 Berkeley Street,

Boston, MA 02116

Phone: (877) 400-2348

Email: admissions@bfit.edu

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is a highly rated private research university located in Roxbury Neighborhood, Boston. The school has a Police Department that is operational 24 hours, every day. The Department produces a daily crime log that contains information on the crimes that occurred within its jurisdiction, as well the Department's responses to valid crime complaints. The crime log is accessible to members of the public unless it contains information that may jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) 2019 crime report, there were 311 reported crime incidents in Northeastern University. 19 were violent crimes, including 10 rape incidents, 2 robberies, and 7 aggravated assaults. Additionally, law enforcement reported a total of 292 property crimes, including

  • 267 larcenies
  • 17 burglaries
  • 8 motor vehicle thefts

To obtain the Northern University Police Department's daily crime log or make inquiries, interested parties may contact the University at

Northeastern University,

360 Huntington Avenue,

Boston, MA 02115-5000

Undergraduate Admissions Office: (617) 373-2200, (617) 373-8780

Email: admissions@northeastern.edu